The Hispanic-Latinx Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding leaders who have devoted themselves to representing and advancing the Hispanic-Latino community* at the University of Florida. Their contributions in the area of Leadership, Service and Advocacy are seen across campus and are felt even after they graduate. They reflect a sense of permanence and positive change. The Hall of Fame highlights these individuals’ efforts at the University.

For the purpose of this award the values have been defined as:

Leadership: Demonstrated commitment to working with others in creating positive, sustainable change within the Hispanic-Latinx community, while investing in the mentorship and development of Hispanic-Latinx students.

Service: Demonstrated a history of dedicating time and effort to selflessly working collaboratively to improve the lives of those within the Hispanic-Latinx community.

Advocacy: Demonstrated exceptional efforts in using power and privilege to promote equity and equality for, as well as advance the needs of, the Hispanic-Latinx community.

*The Hispanic-Latinx Community has been defined as: Those who identify as Hispanic-Latinx within UF, Gainesville and the world.

To apply applicants must meet the following qualifications:

Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of a 2.0 for undergrads and 3.0 for graduate students.
Must have earned at least 60 credits at the University of Florida and completed at least one full academic year at the University of Florida prior to the application deadline.
Must submit a completed application and required supplemental documents by the deadline. Late applications will NOT be considered.

A complete application must contain:
A resume highlighting your leadership, advocacy, and/or service experiences.
A letter of recommendation from anyone who can speak to your leadership, service or advocacy. The letter cannot be from anyone who works within MCDA or someone who is a part of your family.
An unofficial transcript which will be used to confirm credit hours completed and GPA.

Additionally applicants must submit answers to the questions below. Answers must be typed double spaced with 1-inch margins, Times New Roman Font and not to exceed 500 words per question. Please add the prompt as a header before the response to the question.Be as specific as possible with examples and make sure to take into account the definitions and show how you embody the values defined above.

Writing Prompts: You must answer all three questions.
How have you used your leadership to create positive change within the Hispanic-Latinx Community?
Please explain the service that you participated in. How did your service impact the Hispanic-Latinx community?
Explain what causes or needs you have advocated for within the Hispanic-Latinx Community?

**We understand the impact COVID has had on the world within these last two years. Please feel free to include how it has impacted your experience if so inclined.**

Application Due: March 4th 2022 5:00pm Eastern Time