The University of Florida Association of Hispanic Alumni (UF-AHA) is an affiliate of the University of Florida Alumni Association (UFAA). The mission of the UF-AHA is to raise funds for scholarships and bring the University of Florida closer to the 25,000 Hispanic alumni across the U.S. and abroad.

Chief among the activities of the UF-AHA is to raise funds for scholarships for students attending UF, which is done through direct contributions from generous donors, as well as fundraising events.

Every year, UF-AHA also honors an individual who embodies great character, success and commitment to the University and to UF’s Hispanic heritage, through its Gran Caimán award. The Gran Caimán is honored at the Gator Guayabera Guateque, which serves as UF-AHA’s signature event to raise money for scholarships, network with other Alumni and celebrate UF.

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