Testing Trenton Ambassador Program - Hispaniclatinoaffairs


Ambassadors are made up of federal work study students. They staff La Casita and La Salita, are always helpful, welcoming and can tell you about our programming since they create, plan and execute all of La Casita's and La Salita’s events!


The social justice teams works to promote, advocate, and achieve equal rights and opportunities for the Hispanic Latino community on our campus and beyond. We seek to educate and empower our campus and beyond. We seek to educate and empower our communities through programming initiatives that honor and celebrate our multiple and intersecting identities. We are committed it working with diverse campus and community partners to build intersectional coalitions/programs and work in solidarity to promote their social justice goals.


The cultural education team will work to educate Hispanic-Latino students and the larger campus community regarding the rich history and diverse culture of the Hispanic-Latino community by creating programs and resources in partnership with campus and community organizations. Our goal is to challenge stereotypes, increase the visibility of our community, and promote the creation of an inclusive and educated campus community.

Testing Trenton