Hispanic-Latino Affairs at the University of Florida is composed of both the Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures and the Hispanic-Latino Engagement Center. The Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures, also known as La Casita, was established in 1994 through the advocacy efforts of students. More than two decades later, the Hispanic-Latino Engagement Center, known as La Salita, was created. Both offer students a space where they can become engaged, informed, and empowered. The Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures continues to represent the resilience, strength and unity of Hispanic-Latino populations in Gainesville. It is a space that speaks to the triumphs and struggle of Latinx students. In 2001, La Casita was defaced when the words “No Spic for President” were written on the side walls. However, La Casita continues to thrive and provide resources like programming that helps students learn about Latinx cultures or stay connected with their Latinx roots. The house offers free printing, free tea and coffee, as well as the opportunity to become an ambassador and grow into a Latinx leader. La Salita will formally open in 2016. It represents the intersectionalities that exist in our communities and the ties that hold us together. Visit both spaces and become an empowered agent of change.